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Games can be in Handphone, Tab, Tablet, video games and PCs. All types of devices attract Children. There are many reasons why children love to play. Children are passionate about games. This is because the games are short and attract kids with all the animations and moving pictures. Note that the games that kids love to play are not among those that are easy to play. Most of them are quite difficult and difficult to master. Exploring this type of game takes time to learn through a specific game and master in the end.

There are many interactive games for kids that you can use for your development and learning. Playing games that incorporate school disciplines or developing your analytical and problem-solving skills is a great way to strengthen a set of skills and increase self-esteem. These are some of the main reasons for using interactive educational games for children: games are objective or goal-oriented, so children understand that in order to succeed, they must meet or exceed the goal by following the objectives. .

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